SN Ic SNANA 2006lc

Lightcurve Expected Rate Redshift Distribution

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Model parameters Survey parameters
amplitude Band
hostebv Area [% of sky]
hostr_v Time [days]
mwebv Rate [Mpc^-3 yr^-1]
mwr_v m_lim
Scale amplitude/x0 t_before [days]
M_peak M_peak dispersion
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# z_bincenter n_transient
0.025   4.22e+02
0.075   2.70e+03
0.125   6.29e+03
0.175   1.03e+04
0.225   1.34e+04
0.275   1.37e+04
0.325   9.92e+03
0.375   4.61e+03
0.425   1.40e+03
0.475   3.68e+02
0.525   9.73e+01